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About Eclectic Art.

     Here at Eclectic Art, we believe that art is for everyone! 
Since opening Eclectic, over 6 years ago, we have observed that a lot of people seem scared of art and hesitant to approach it.  Maybe even you.  You might feel that art is only for certain people or that you have to have an art degree to enjoy art, talk about art, visit an art gallery, or even try your hand at something artistic. This is simply not true!

  Art is for EVERYONE!  The only thing that you need to know about art is to stART.  StART enjoying art, noticing art, and visiting places where art is displayed.  It's an excellent opportunity to see and experience things out of your norm and connect with other creative beings.  When we get "out of the box" and see new elements of art and creativity, it inspires us to be more open and ready for new, creative expressions of our own. ​
     Eclectic Art does its very best to promote, encourage, display, and inspire creativity in the community and surrounding areas by providing a gallery space for its artist members.  Eclectic Art is just that, eclectic.  We carry a wide variety of items from traditional art to more quirky and whimsical creations.  We feel that we truly have something for everyone!


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