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66 E. Central Park Jacksonville, IL
Open: Tues.-Sat. from 10am-6pm

Eclectic Art Gallery

Eclectic Art is a unique gallery space where we display and sell a wide variety of local and regional art.  The styles range from the very traditional to the very whimsical.  Part gallery, part fun and creative shop, at Eclectic you can find:

  • photography
  • paintings in oil and acrylic as well as works
       using charcoal and pastels
  • pen and ink art
  • mixed-media art
  • fiber and fabric arts
  • metal, wire, and stone works
  • artistic jewelry and fashion accessories
  • pottery in many styles
  • whimsical art dolls
  • ...and more!

Open Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm

Downtown Gallery Hop:
Takes place the first Friday of every month
     *Extended Hours*  10am-9pm

Don't miss the Hop!  There is a wide variety
of art in many locations in beautiful,
Downtown Jacksonville.  Free refreshments and entertainment at participating locations.



Join Us

Becoming an 

Member Artist

To become an artist with Eclectic Art,
please submit a request to us at:

We will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange an appointment to meet with you or request .jpgs of your artwork via email.  During this time, we can also let you know if we have artist openings and if your art and Eclectic are a good fit for each other.
Your time is valuable, as is ours, and we request that you DO NOT bring in art to be viewed without setting up a prior appointment.  We may be working with customers, rearranging art, cleaning, etc.
We want to give you our full attention when you bring in your artwork for consideration and
that requires making an appointment just for you.

The membership dues are currently $20 per month and require NO commission.  We want
our artists to keep all profits from their work, if possible, and that is why we do not charge a commission at this time.  We will be extending our hours significantly this year and that will require a slight increase to $25 per month beginning
February 1st.  When artists pay for membership a year in advance they will receive one month free, making the annual membership $275 instead of $300. Commission will remain at 0% at this time. 

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